Thursday, March 3, 2011

President's day weekend

We have many family traditions. One of them is....
Every President's Day weekend we rent a BIG ole house (this year there was 23 of us)on the Oregon coast and go crabbing, clamming, and shopping for the weekend.  This year was no different.
On a normal year we load up on Thursday afternoon and head on over and we come home on Monday. 
This year was a bit different. We got up Saturday morning and left really early so we could be there in time for my big guys to go out in the boat. Bob and Nick ended up going out. They had a good time!! 
Tim and my sister Christine, after being out in the boat all day!  *stinky*
Bridgette and Bryson had never seen crab before.... They weren't sure what to think of
Tim and Nick have lots of experience. We've been taking them their whole lives. ( I will add pics of them when they were little later, I need to find them)
Bryson wouldn't actually touch it at first. Bridgette wasn't sure about it...
But then she decided she kinda liked the look of it...
You know babies, everything has to go in the mouth...
I think she liked it...
She REALLY liked it!! lol

Then she had to get serious!  She cracks me up!!
Don't bother me, I'm eating CRAB!!

Do you do you have family traditions? Do anything special for President's day?

                       Thanks for reading!!!

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